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How to be a better pet parent?
Just like human parenting, there is no rule book that states right from wrong because every pet serves a unique set of challenges. With the right strategies, you can have the happiest pet on the block. If you looking to find ways to be a better pet parent to your feline and canine, look no further. Follow these easy tips and you will be well on the way to be #1 PET PARENT of the year.
1. Exercise (For both of you)
For your pet to exercise, you need to put in the energy, time, and motivation. This sounds hard but a simple walk around the block will suffice, try it! You may think it’s difficult to get off the couch and walk your dog, do your own research and try it for a week. You will see amazing results and behavior changes to your pets. If you have a cat, pull out a toy and play with them.
By setting activity goals for the both of you, you’ll feel more motivated to get outside- even on your laziest days. You can use a fitness tracker, which will track and give you a generated report of your overall health. You can also purchase some pet-friendly fitness trackers which can monitor their sleeping patterns, exercise and get an overall health report of them too.
 Self play toys
You also cannot be responsible for your pet 24/7 so it is important to keep them entertained even when you are away or not in the mood to play. To prevent them from getting bored and ruining your favorite shoes/ scratching out the sofa fill your home with toys and products stimulate their senses. On popular demand, food-dispensing toys are being sold out around the world, they are a great option for your dog or cat, especially if you are looking to keep them occupied for hours on end. For cats adding some cat nip into the toys is a huge bonus, cats will follow the scent and try to get to it. For dogs, freeze a scoop of peanut butter inside of a toy, you will be surprised at how they spend all day trying to lick every bit out.
 Sniffle or snuffle mat- Throw in some treats and let them go hunting....
A new product on the loose is called a snuffle/sniffle mat. It works well for both cats and dogs Giving them an experience of hunting for the food by smelling it and digging in to get to it. All you have to do it put some dry food or treats in the mat and let your pet sniff their way through finding it, It stimulates hunting for food in the wild, seeking to their cravings of being “wild animals” in a jungle.
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2. Measure out meals.
When walking down an aisle in the grocery store, I always feel bombarded with so many brands claiming to be the best option for your pet. However, just because the product states its vegan, grain-free or certified organic does not mean it is automatically healthy. Remember to also investigate giving your pet the right portion size and calorie density, these are the things we should be looking at when buying pet food. A good example is, when it comes to the expensive foods on the shelf, these brands replace grains with meat products which claim to be healthier but is given in the wrong portion size, could result in your pet eating higher calories. Don’t stress, we got your back, find a pet calorie calculator online, this will help you determine the exact amount of calories your pet should eat daily. Use this information and the nutritional facts on the back of the food package to measure out the perfect scoop of food for them.
Automatic feeders and water fountains help you keep to schedule.
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3. Keep them on a schedule
Pets benefit from sticking to a schedule and daily routine. They tend to be like kids, they need bedtime, playtime, mealtime, bathroom breaks etc. These should happen around the same time daily, and it should be consistent. The best way is to set reminders on your phone, by staying organized you will be able to match your pet’s schedule to yours. You can schedule the first bathroom break a little after you wake-up, so you won’t be conditioned to having to wake up super early. Also, feed your pet first, so they don’t come begging you for your food. When creating a play time schedule, leave wiggle room to wind down and relax before bedtime.
4. Ease separation anxiety
For pet owners who leave home to go to work each morning, seeing their pets torn apart by separation anxiety can feel like torture. Some ways pets express their stress is through destructive chewing, urination, and endless barking and whining. And contrary to stereotypes, dogs aren’t the only pets who get anxious when their owners depart: Cats can also become distressed, although they generally find more subtle ways to express their feelings, like excessive grooming. One tip for reducing separation anxiety in pets is to leave them something with your scent on it. A blanket or a piece of clothing that smells like you can help them feel less lonely when you’re not around.
 5. Keep them well-groomed
Pet SPA Day … Regular baths are important, but they can be stressful—for both of you. If your dog or cat isn’t a fan of the tub, try feeding them breakfast or dinner during their bath, which will teach your pet to associate baths with a more positive experience.
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 6. Make them easy to find
No one wants to imagine losing their pet, but there are plenty of precautions you can take that will make them easier to locate in case the worst should happen. You can buy a pet ID tag; you can get them micro-chipped.
Easy noticeable- ID tags can have your pet's name, address and mobile number. This will help the person who found your pet, to locate you faster. 
When going outdoors, use a bandana, glasses or anything to notice them quickly, at night give your pet’s nylon collar a safety upgrade by gluing reflective tape to the outside. You can also get the LED collars which shine bright anywhere. Not only could this save his or her life if they run out into the road, but it will also make your pet easier to find if he or she has free reign of the backyard at night. 
Your pets are like family, and you want to protect them like family. That’s why it’s important to keep your pets happy with toys, beds, grooming equipment, accessories and clothing. Visit our website, get a 15% off coupon, sign-up and save now!
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